Basic Duties: The president shall preside at meetings of the executive board and the general membership; represent Odyssey Con Society, Inc. on ceremonial occasions; and make all appointments, subject to confirmation by the executive board. [Bylaws Paragraph 4.1.1]

For 2014-2015: Richard S. Russell

Right after Annual Meeting:
  1. Make notes to yourself to deal with OCSI business in April, May, and June of next year.
  2. Set up a mailing list for the board of directors. You will be needing it momentarily, because you need to ask them to confirm your appointments.
  3. Appoint all committees. This is ridiculously easy in the case of the Convention Committee, where you basically say "I appoint the current convention committee." The Bylaws are silent on whether you get to designate the committee chair, but you probably should let the committee choose its own. The Audit Committee takes more care. The vice-president is automatically a member of all committees, so you need one other person, someone who should be good at working with money but specifically not the treasurer, since the job of the Audit Committee is to review the work of the treasurer. Probably a good idea to ask for ideas or volunteers.
  1. Reserve a meeting room for the Executive Board meeting required to be held in May or June.
  2. Notify the other board members of the date, time, and place of the meeting.
  1. Bug the treasurer about putting together a draft budget for the coming fiscal year.
  2. Sic the Audit Committee on reviewing our financial condition.
  3. Reserve a meeting room for the annual membership meeting required to be held in July.
May or June:
  1. Work with the treasurer to get the draft budget in good shape for presenting to the Executive Board.
  2. Sic the secretary on sending out formal notices of the annual meeting to all members.
  3. Preside over the Executive Board meeting.
  1. Prepare the agenda for the annual meeting.
  2. Prepare the president's report for the annual meeting.
  3. Annoy the other officers and committee heads about preparing theirs as well.
  4. Acquire a gavel, stopwatch, and desk bell for time limits.
  5. Acquire blank ballots and a ballot box.
Annual Meeting:
  1. Call the meeting to order.
  2. Preside over it.
  3. Declare the meeting adjourned.
On-Line Meeting Procedures:
  1. Remind all board members to put "[OCSI Board]" at the beginning of their subject lines.
  2. After a motion has been made and 2nded, start a new discussion thread for it with an appropriate subject line. Restate the text of the motion and identify who moved and 2nded it, then say "Use 'Reply All' for this discussion thread. Is there any discussion on this motion? If you do not have any, please explicitly say 'no'.".
  3. Use your judgment as to when the discussion has run its course, then say "There's been no discussion on this motion for X days, and it appears we're ready for a vote. Your options are 'yes', 'no', 'abstain', or 'more discussion needed'."
  4. Allow a day or so for the votes to come in, possibly bugging anyone who hasn't voted promptly. Then announce the results. The Bylaws require on-line votes to be unanimous, which I (Richard) interpret as being 0 "no" votes; that is, explicit abstentions or failure to vote at all do not count against a motion.

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