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2016 April 8—10, Radisson Hotel, Madison, Wisconsin.

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Ad Sales

Basic Duties: Sell ad space in the Odyssey Con program book to as many customers as possible.

For 2015: open

Art Auction

Basic Duties: Identify art-show pieces that need to be auctioned off and run the auction.

For 2015: open

Art Show

Basic Duties: Solicit artwork from and in general communicate with the art community. Deal with both mail-in and walk-in art, including explaining Odyssey Con's terms and conditions to the artists. Set up the art-show space and provide for its constant security. Make sure all submitted artwork is tastefully and attractively displayed. Collect all fees, record all sales, pay all proceeds, and otherwise exercise financial oversight of the art show. Make sure that all unsold artwork is promptly and safely returned to the artists after the con.

For 2015: Rob Weiss


Basic Duties: Arrange for all the audio and visual needs of the con, including microphones, projectors, screens, etc. Do advance scheduling to be sure no such equipment is expected to be in 2 places at once. Exercise judgment as to whether the trade-off between cost and convenience makes it more desirable to use the hotel's AV services or provide our own. Serve as a trouble-shooter for technical AV problems, whether with our equipment or anything a presenter has brought along.

For 2015: Rena “Fixer” Noel


Basic Duties: Somebody has to gin up the banners we use at the hotel to splash big ideas (like "Welcome to Odyssey Con") out where everybody can see them. (Also see Signage.)

For 2015: Joe Alfano


Basic Duties: The con chair is first among equals. He or she runs the concom meetings and tries to keep all the balls in the air simultaneously. Conflict-resolution and "kindly get off your ass" skills are extremely useful. Due to the position's awesome responsibilities, combined with its less-than-awesome powers, it is frequently a shared position. Ahead of the con, the chair's main job is making sure that all functions are being tended to, ideally by some other person. At the con, the chair is the decider of last resort.

For 2015: Joe Alfano and Brian Curley