Gaming Programming

Basic Duties: As with all programming, the coordinator of the gaming track needs to solicit (or supply) program ideas, merge them where appropriate, edit item titles and descriptions, recruit panelists and presenters, make sure they all know what events they've been assigned to and who their co-participants are, cooperate with the coordinators of the other programming tracks, and work with Scheduling to iron out conflicts. In addition, this job involves arranging for actual games to be played, including manufacturer demos and games hosted by outside groups.

Scope: All of these are grist for this track:
  • Gaming content: heavily but not exclusively based on science-fiction and fantasy themes.
  • Gaming formats: board, table role-playing, live role-playing, and computer gaming.
  • Gaming processes: designing, producing, illustrating, marketing, distributing, buying, selling, critiquing, and (most of all) playing games.
For 2015: Bill Bodden and Brian Curley

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